Alcohol & Drug Policy

The Company recognizes the need to fight the abuse of Drug and Alcohol on-board its vessels. The abuse directly affects the fitness and ability of a seafarer to perform his shipboard duties. It has been ascertained beyond doubt that there is a serious impact of the Abuse of Drug and Alcohol on board vessels which is a major cause of marine accidents. Seafarers found to be under the influence of Drug and Alcohol would not be permitted to perform their duties until they are no longer impaired in their ability to perform those duties.

Therefore, Company Policy towards Drug & Alcohol is to prohibit the misuse  of legitimate drugs and the use, possession, distribution or sale of any illicit drugs on vessels, and also any substances which causes or contributes to unacceptable job perform or unusual behavior.

The objective of the policy shall be to have adequate frequency of anytime testing so as to act as an effective deterrent and that Officers/Crew are subjected to surprise not announced random tests conducted by Company’s Doctor at least once a year. The undersigned further warrants that the policy shall remain in force unless or otherwise specifically notified and that the undersigned shall exercise due diligence to ensure compliance with the policy. It is understood that an actual impairment or any test finding of an impairment shall not in and by itself mean that the company has failed to exercise due diligence.

Varren Marines Shipping Pvt. Ltd. 

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