Sponsorship and its Benefits

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship in reference to Merchant navy means that you have been selected by a Shipping company and upon completion of your pre-sea training or course you will be able to train aboard their ship and learn practical skills and earn stipend as well. It is a job guarantee given by the shipping company to candidates they consider right for their company even before the course commences.

The Benefit of Sponsorship

The biggest benefit of being a sponsored candidate is the fact that your career and future are secure. You know that once you are done with your pre-sea training or selected course, you will be able to train onboard with your Sponsoring Company and start earning too. Therefore, you don’t need to stress or worry about the future.

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VMS Sponsorship Program

We at Varren Marines Shipping offers sponsorship in 5 merchant navy courses & also the Opportunity to the Aspiring Marines Who are pursing the Course

  1. GP Rating
  2. Graduate Marine Engineering
  3. Diploma in Nautical Science
  4. B.Tech Marine Engineering
  5. Electro-Technical Officer
  6. Pre-sea Sponsorship


Interested Candidates are Advisable to apply Online by the above given link as per their choice of the Course. Also the Candidates must meet the eligibility criteria.

Benefits of Choosing VMS

Varren Marines Shipping offers students the perfect platform to turn their merchant navy aspirations into reality.


Courses Approved by
DG Shipping (Govt. of India)


100% Sponsorship/Placement Guarantee


Education Loan Support through Nationalized Banks


Opportunities on Both, Wet and Dry Cargo Vessels


Lucrative Pay Packages


Get Placed Right After Training Completion, No Waiting Period

Students We have Sponsored Last Year Are On-Board.

Vipin Joseph

Vikas Kori

Vedant Tambe

Tej Singh

Saurabh Mankar

Rohit Nandeshwar

Ramesh Korni

Rahul Vishwakarma

Onkar Chandorkar

Manish Ahlawat

Kaif Khan

Chethan BK

Bradley Dsouza

Bijith Samuel

Atish Rai

Aniket Shinde

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