Technical Management

We operate and manage all types of vessels, mainly Offshore vessels / General cargo / Bulk carrier & Tanker Vessel in the safest and most proper manner possible, ensuring that all vessels operate in accordance with the Ship owners’ requirements, in compliance of Flag state and Class, design requirements, Charterers’ conditions and most importantly with the guideline of International Safety Management (ISM) Code

Some of our core vision

  • Computerized Planned Maintenance integrated with procurement and Inventory System
  •  Regular condition assessment
  •  Dry dock planning and supervision
  •  Budget control
  •  Safe and efficient cargo handling and cargo conditioning
  •  Certification
  •  Web based Certification management for Owner
  • Our solid relationships with first-class suppliers, workshops, and marine service providers ensure that our principals consistently receive reliable and high-quality service at the lowest possible price.
  • Our highly qualified and capable teams closely monitor the commercial performance of managed vessels and manage the commercial risks faced by our Principals during the course of employment of their vessels.

Diploma in Marine Engineering
Technical Management

Further management support is provided by staff specializing in:

  •  Loss prevention, safety and quality, marine and cargo operations
  •  Cryogenic systems
  •  Commercial Marine insurances
  •  Purchasing
  •  Information technology, including communication and Planned
  • Maintenance Systems (PMS)

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Our crew management services cover all types of sea vessels. 

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