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Indian Maritime University

The Indian Maritime University, also known as IMU plays a key role in developing and preparing human resource for the maritime sector in India. It was established on 14th November 2008 as a teaching and affiliating university under the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India. Within its 8 years of operation as a university IMU CET Campuse has become one of the most prestigious institutes for Maritime Education in the country. Established with an objective to facilitate and promote maritime studies, training, research and extension work, IMU has its headquarters at Chennai.

IMU-CET Campuses provides quality education and training to those looking to pursue careers in Merchant Navy. The University has become an institution of excellence providing advice and support to the Government and guidance, support and supervision to other maritime training institutions across the country. The programs offered by IMU-CET Campuses prepare the youngsters as well as the experienced maritime personnel to excel in their area of duties in all disciplines of maritime sector including navigation, marine engineering, port management, maritime commerce, maritime law, marine science, ship handling, inland water transportation etc.

IMU-CET Campuses

  • Chennai Campus
  • Kochi Campus
  • Kolkata Campus
  • Mumbai Port Campus
  • Navi Mumbai Campus
  • Visakhapatnam Campus

Courses Offered by IMU

Undergraduate Programmes

  • 4-Year B.Tech. (Marine Engineering)
  • 4-Year B.Tech. (Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering)
  • 3-Year B.Sc. (Maritime Science)
  • 3-Year B.Sc. (Nautical Science)
  • 3-Year B.Sc. (Ship Building & Repair)
  • 3-Year BBA (Logistics, Retailing & E-Commerce)
  • 1-Year Diploma in Nautical Science leading to B.Sc. (Applied Nautical Science)

Postgraduate Programmes

  • 2-Year MBA (Port and Shipping Management)
  • 2-Year MBA (International Transportation and Logistics Management)
  • 2-Year M.Sc. (Commercial Shipping & Logistics)
  • 2-Year M.Tech. (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)
  • 2-Year M.Tech. (Dredging and Harbour Engineering)
  • 2-Year M.Tech. (Marine Technology & Management

Postgraduate Diploma Programme

  • 1 Year PGDME (Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering)

Research Programmes

  • M.S. (by Research)
  • D. in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

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