Company Recruitment Policy

We “VARREN MARINES SHIPPING PRIVATE LIMITED” are proud to announce that we are the “ISO” certified agency and we recruit officers/ratings to various reputed foreign as well as Indian principals on their fleet consisting of Tankers/LPG/Bulk etc, as per the rules framed by THE DIRECTOR GENERAL OF SHIPPING, Mumbai. Our aim is to provide quality services to our clients and at the same time to safe-guard the interest of the Indian Seafarers employed with our principals. Some of our main Company Recruitment Policy clauses
are highlighted as under:

  • we will maintain an up-to-date record of all seafarers recruited or placed through our RPS company, and it shall be available for an inspection by the inspecting authority, as and when required;
  • we will ensure that its management and staff are adequately trained on frequent basis, and have relevant knowledge of the maritime industry to the extent of the duties assigned to them in this context;
  • we ensure that seafarers recruited or placed by our RPS company are informed of their rights and duties under their employment agreements, prior to or in the process of their engagement and that proper arrangements are made for such seafarers to examine their employment agreements before and after they are signed on and also that they will be provided with copies of the said agreements;
  • we will verify that seafarers recruited or placed by our RPS Company Recruitment Policy are qualified and hold the documents necessary for the jobs concerned, and that the seafarers’ employment agreements are in accordance with the applicable flag State laws and regulations and any collective bargaining agreement that forms part of their employment agreements;
  • we will ensure, as far as practicable, that the ship owner has the means to protect such seafarers from being stranded in a port; and in such an event shall make adequate provisions for the repatriation of a stranded seafarer along with his maintenance and required emergency medical assistance prior to repatriation and the transportation of the mortal remains of a seafarer in the event of his death;
  • we will examine promptly and adequately and respond to any complaint concerning RPS activities and inform the Director-General about any unresolved complaint;
  • we shall ensure that no means or mechanism or lists are used to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining an employment for which they are qualified;
  • we shall ensure that no fees or other charges is borne, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the seafarer, other than the cost to the seafarers in obtaining a medical certificates, seafarer’s book and passport or other similar personal travel documents, provided that the cost of visa, and charges for pre-sign on and post – sign off medical examination, wherever required, shall be borne by the ship owner; and record of the charges, if any, collected form seafarers, shall be maintained in registers.
  • we shall ensure that any incident or casualty on-board causing injury (excluding minor injuries) or death, disappearance, loss overboard or homicide by or of an Indian National, is reported to the Director-General, at the earliest and not later than twenty- four hours of the receipt of such
  • we will develop and maintain operational practices to verify the seafarers’ medical examination, identity documents and such other items as may be required for seafarers to gain an employment;
  • we will maintain up-to-date lists of the ships, owned by the ship owners for which the company recruitment policy and placement service provides seafarers and ensure that there are reasonable means by which the ships can be contacted in an emergency, at all hours;
  • we will ensure that seafarers are not subject to exploitation by their personnel with regard to offer of engagement on particular ships or by particular companies;
  • we will put in place the procedures to prevent the opportunities for exploitation of seafarers arising from the issue of joining advances or any other financial transaction between the ship owner and the seafarer which are handled by our RPS Company Recruitment Policy;
  • we will ensure that the seafarers are informed of any particular condition applicable to the jobs for which they are to be engaged and of the particular ship-owners policies relating to their employment;
  • we will ensure that the procedures followed while dealing with cases of incompetence or indiscipline are consistent with the principles of natural justice, the law of the land and practice and, with collective bargaining agreements;
  • we will ensure, that all mandatory certificates and documents submitted for employment are up to date and have not been fraudulently obtained and that employment references are verified;
  • we will ensure that requests for information or advice by families of seafarers while the seafarers are at sea are dealt with promptly and sympathetically and at no cost to the seafarers;
  • we will verify that the labour conditions on ships where seafarers are placed are in conformity with applicable collective bargaining agreements concluded between a ship-owner and a representative seafarer’s organization;
  • we will ensure that the terms and conditions of employment to seafarers comply with applicable law or regulations or collective bargaining agreements;We will ensure that the death compensation or disability compensation are paid by the ship owner without undue delay;
  • we will ensure that a copy of the license granted under these rules is prominently displayed at the premises of the Company Recruitment Policy and placement service at a place accessible to public;
    we will ensure that the number ,date of issue and the validity period of the licence will be mentioned in all of advertisements published and the licence number is mentioned in all our communications;
  • We will ensure that we send the reminder to the Director for our RPS Company annual inspection, three months before its due date and be prepared for the same;
  • we shall furnish a monthly report in Form-I by the 12th of every succeeding month, in the manner specified by the Director General Shipping;
  • we will ensure that if the seafarer suffers death or injury, it shall be reported in Form-II in online mode or paper form to the Director seamen’s employment office, Director General of shipping, within forty eight hours of the incident;
  • we shall provide a letter of intent having the name and address of the owner as given in Form VII address of the Ship owner to enable Hospitality Crew obtain Indian CDC to work on cruise ship;
  • we will ensure that we make welfare fund contribution for every seafarers engaged onboard a foreign flag ships towards welfare fund society on timely basis ie. The contributions shall be paid by 15th of the month following the end of every quarter. Also records of the payment to be made in registers;
  • we will ensure that contributions to SWFS by Indian ship owners for every seafarer engaged by them on board Indian flag ships are made on quarterly basis;
  • we have a established system of protection by way of bank guarantee to compensate seafarer for any monetary loss. For this we have submitted Bank guarantee at seamen’s employment office.


Varren Marines Shipping Pvt. Ltd. 

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