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The sea imports and exports billions of goods, leading to exponential job opportunities in the marine sector. Marine trading has become a significant factor in the economic development of developed and undeveloped countries. As a result, a professional navy merchant is appointed to handle all the trading of such commercial goods at sea. 

The role of the Merchant Navy is to handle the export and import of products at sea and make up its mind in emergencies. You'll be responsible for analyzing the weather reports, general maintenance, and ship na and taking significant action. As a result, the advent of institutes came into action especially emphasizing merchant navy courses. 

This industry has profitable career opportunities in the long term, and one can easily earn a decent package. So, you can join Merchant Navy courses after the 12th standard. Various renowned colleges have been offered in the Merchant Navy industry; Merchant navy courses in India are C.V. Raman College of Engineering, Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology, AMET University, Balaji Seamen Training Institute, Chennai School of Ship Management, etc. 

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GP Rating Course

Diploma in Nautical Science

Diploma in Nautical Science

B.Sc Nautical-Science

B.Sc. Nautical Science

Diploma in Marine Engineering

Diploma in Marine Engineering

Graduate Marine Engineering

Graduate in Marine Engineering

B.E. Marine Engineering.

B.E. in Marine Engineering

Electro-Technical Officer

ETO Shipping

BBA Shipping

BBA Shipping

Career Opportunities

After completing this course, one can expect a job in Multinational companies like Chevron and Mobil in the U.S.A., Denholm in the U.K., K Line, Bibby Ship Management, Wallem Ship Management in Hong Kong, d'Amico, etc. The average pay of a Merchant Navy officer is INR 4.50 - 5.50 LPA, but this can go to the INR 37 L.P.A. for a senior officer. Even though government companies also hire the Merchant Navy officers and offer them excellent packages. You'll be surprised to know that the highest salary of a Merchant Navy officer is INR 63 L.P.A. 

Steps to Join Merchant Navy

Candidates who are planning to pursue a merchant navy career should have to go through the specific below-mentioned steps:

  1. Decision Making: Right from the 12th standard, a student should make up their mind to start preparing for the exam. They must be passionate about studying the sea, ships, and sailing. The decision to develop a career in this industry comes into a student's mind right from their schooling and then starting the merchant navy courses
  2. Choices of Subject: If you are from a science background, it would be beneficial to join the Merchant Navy course. In the merchant navy, students must pass the 12th standard with P.C.M. subjects. However, grabbing the concepts of the ship, marine, and other relevant subjects can be pretty complicated during the entrance examination. 
  3. Preparation of Entrance Exam: One must complete the G.P. rating on joining the merchant navy after the 10th standard. On the other hand, one needs to crack the IMU CET to pursue the course after the 12th class. The Indian Maritime University conducts IMU CET to get admission in the navy courses. 
  4. College Selection: A candidate should know the list of best colleges providing excellent courses by experienced professionals. Almost all good colleges offering the Merchant Navy courses are on coastlines. 

The Process to Become the Merchant Navy Officer In Abroad

Numerous colleges offer the Merchant Navy courses, and you can join them from the comfort of your country. It's a commercial job and has a plethora of career opportunities in this field in the U.K., U.S.A., and Canada. 

U.K.: A student in the U.K. must have a professional CV and an excellent academic score of 10+2. Some good colleges in the U.K. are Marine Vocational and Maritime Law Program, Maritime University Programs, and Certificate Maritime Programs. 

U.S.A.: If you are interested in joining the merchant navy courses, be sure you have an excellent academic score in the 10+2 class. A strong CV is another way to showcase an impressive professional look. In addition, one must have good IELTS marks, especially if they are an international student. The best colleges in the U.S.A. delivering the merchant navy courses are Marine engineering, Maritime engineering, and Maritime programs. Join navy courses and get your hands on a high-paying job. 

Canada: Likewise the US, students must pass the 12th standard with good scores and have professional experience on their CV. In addition, they should have good marks on the GRE, and if you are an international student, you are required to give the IELTS. There are diplomas available in Canada for merchant navy are Diploma in Nautical Science, Technician Diploma, and Diploma in Marine Technology Marine Engineering,

The Skills Needed to Become an Experienced Merchant Navy

There are various skills that a merchant navy officer possesses to do the job like a pro. We are here highlighting some of the skills  to become a skilled merchant navy officer; one needs the following skills: 

  • Planning and decision making
  • Leadership 
  • Passion and Dedication for Sailing
  • Logical and Analytical Thinking
  • Practical knowledge about maritime, physics, mathematics, etc.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Curiosity for Water Adventures

Different Kinds of Profiles in the Course of Merchant Navy

There are different job profiles if you join the merchant navy course Trainee Cadet, Chief Officer, Deck Cadet, 2nd Officer, 3rd Officer, and Cadet. Aside from this, it gives you tax benefits, plenty of travel opportunities, and a respectable job. 

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