Ship Management Service

Varren Marines Shipping Pvt Ltd provides best-in-class ship management services which cover all aspects of running and managing a sea vessel. We are committed to fulfilling the primal urge of clients by offering compliant and secure operations via pro-activeness partnership. Our full range of ship management services is available globally to the ship operators and owners seamlessly. From getting the necessary ship approvals to taking care of the vessel throughout its lifetime – we conform to the highest industry standards while working in harmony with the ship owner’s needs and in tune with the vessel’s design. We also consider the requirements of insurers, flag states, classes, charterers, and ISM codes.

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Operation, Performance & Maintenance Services

  • Cargo Handling and Conditioning
  • Dry Dock Planning and Supervision
  • Regular Condition Assessment
  • Maintenance and Repair work
  • Certification and Vetting
  • Budgetary Controls

Commercial Management Services We Offer

  • Strategy and employment management of ships
  • Risk management, loss prevention and commercial marine insurances
  • Advice on Chartering Strategies and Negotiating Charter party contracts
  • Appointment and liaison with port agents
  • Post-fixture and account tracking functions
  • Supply of Marine fuels
  • Demurrage and Dispatch calculations
  • Voyage reporting and analysis

Our Other Services 

Apart from ship management, we offer the below-mentioned services. 

  • Ship Maintenance & Repair
  • Port Agency
  • Ship Brokering & Chartering
  • Ship Channelling
  • Crew Management 

Meeting Customer’s Standards & Requirements

Varren Marines Shipping Pvt Ltd takes care of technical and commercial ship management. Meeting the particular customer’s requirements effectively is our primary priority. Our incredible connections with leading suppliers, workshops, and marine service providers enable us to offer you the best services at the most pocket-friendly rates. Being a renowned leader in the shipping industry, we believe in delivering satisfying comprehensive services in the most disciplined manner. Every customer achieves their goals safely and cost-effectively, and we also explain all the know-how commitment to them. 

Why Choose Varren Marines Shipping Pvt Ltd?

A reliable and professional ship management company is the one that oversees and maintains the vessel or fleet of the ships meticulously. Nothing could be better than the VMS, considered the primary caretaker for the vessels. While exploring the ship management companies, you’ll find that VMS has more satisfied customers than others in shipping services and the training of shipping-related courses. We ensure to maintain the transactional and transportation side of the marine-centric services. Our ship manager is fully trained, skilled, knowledgeable, and qualified to handle all operations of vessels, including their maintenance. Get our professional’s hand both onboard and onshore and enjoy the best ship management experience. 

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