Crew Management

Varren Marines Shipping Pvt Ltd offers Crew Management services to Ship owner & to the Manager, assisting shipping companies accomplish their recruitment needs, and helping able mariners and employment prospects in the Maritime Sector. Our team of experts continue to provide assistance to the ship owners and Seafarer till the completion of safe repartition of the seafarer. Our team members communicate and follow up all the crew related matters which come under the preview of the P&I for both onboard and signed crew. We offer crew management for all ranks and for all types of vessels including Bulk carrier, General cargo, Ro-Ro vessels, Tanker, & offshore vessels etc.

We are experts in full crew management and manning and at present we are doing manning for various nationalities such as Indian, Ukrainians, Philippines, Indonesians, Bangladeshi & for the Russian Crew.

Selection Process of our crew:

We are providing below services to our esteemed clients which are as follows:

  • Crew Sourcing, Screening, Selection and Employment
  • Training and Education
  • Medical Services
  • Flag State Service( Endorsements)
  • Crew Planning & Change
  • Travel Management
  • Payroll and Tax Management
  • Cost Control
  • Accounting
  • Crew Insurance/Claims Support
  • Performance Mentoring and Monitoring

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Our crew management services cover all types of sea vessels. 

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