Our Shipping Services

At Varren Marine Shipping Pvt Ltd, we take pride in being one of the best shipping companies, offering a wide range of services to optimize the performance and efficiency of your maritime operations. Our comprehensive suite of ship management services includes meticulous ship maintenance and repair, seamless port agency assistance, nationwide ship brokering and chartering, premium ship chandelling, and expert crew management.

Whether you are looking for fast and reliable shipping services, affordable worldwide shipping solutions, or the best shipping companies in India, we have you covered. As a leading maritime shipping company with a global presence, we are dedicated to providing the best services that meet international shipping rates and exceed industry standards.

With our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to be your reliable partner in navigating the seas with confidence and success. Choose us for all your shipping needs and experience the difference that our global marine services and expertise in the shipping industry can make for your business.

Ship Management Service

Varren Marines Shipping Pvt Ltd provides best-in-class ship management services that cover all aspects of running and managing a sea vessel. We are committed to fulfilling the primal urge of clients by offering compliant and secure operations via pro-activeness partnership.


Crew Management

Varren Marines Shipping Pvt Ltd offers Crew Management services to third-party clientele, assisting shipping companies accomplish their recruitment needs, and helping able mariners and employment prospects in the Maritime Sector. Our team of experts continue to provide assistance to …


Technical Management

We operate and manage all types of vessels, mainly Offshore vessels / General cargo / Bulk carrier & Tanker Vessel in the safest and most proper manner possible, ensuring that all vessels operate in accordance with the Ship owners’ requirements, in compliance of Flag state and Class, design requirements…


India’s Leading Provider of Ship Management Services & Best Sponsorship Company

Founded in 2015 by Vikesh Upadhyay, an experienced merchant mariner, mumbai maritime training institute has grown to become an industry leader in the marine sector. Guided by a strong work ethic and customer-first approach, VMS prides itself in providing complete end-to-end shipping solutions to ship owners and companies, and helping young aspirants start a successful career in merchant navy.

Best-in-Class Shipping Solutions

Crew & Vessel Management World Wide

Sponsorships for deserving candidates

We Exist to Offer Our Expertise in Shipping to Shipping Companies & Sailors

Our mission is to provide world-class shipping solutions to ship owners, and help young talent start a career in merchant navy.

We want to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers in the marine industry by proving efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions covering all aspects of running, managing, repairing, and buying and selling of sea vessels.

We also nurture aspiring talent for a successful career in merchant navy, through excellent result-oriented IMU-CET classes, and by providing sponsorships to deserving candidates.

We are Working to Create a World of Goodness for the those Associated with Shipping.

We envision a world where shipping as industry and the people associated with it get the respect and recognition they deserve, and we as an organization play a vital role in making this happen.

Our vision is our driving force. We wish to take the shipping industry to new heights of success. We’ve built a team of passionate, experienced and hard-working people who tirelessly work to provide an exceedingly good service to all our shipping clients. We invest time and effort to understand customer needs and always deliver on our commitments in a timely manner.

With a firm belief that the future of Shipping rests in the hands of young and aspiring mariners, we tutor and train students for a successful career in the merchant Navy.

Flag State Documentation

We, Vms are specialized in doing flag documentation under Panama/ Liberian/ Marshall Islands/ Cook Islands / Honduras/ Palau and St. Kitts & Nevis flag.

VMS authorised by the above flags as filing agents or with limited liabilities consulate approval. We have highly experienced and well-versed staff, who manage and deal with all flag authorities for seafarer’s documentation.

Our expertise includes thorough assessments of documentation, verification, correct application procedure to obtain the flag certification for seafarers.

We ensure Ship Owners/Managers/ Agencies to deliver prompt, efficient, professional and cost-effective services with focusing and understanding specific requirements according to the need as per Flag state/ STCW 2010/ IMO guidelines. We also regularly update our Ship Owners/Managers/ Agencies with any changes made by flags, so that they keep operating their vessel hassle-free and can focus on their smooth operation.

Our Reward is Our Clients Satisfaction

  • Right from the initial contact, it was evident that VMS Shipping takes its ship management services seriously. The team's professionalism was apparent in their communication, documentation, and overall conduct. They were quick to respond to my inquiries, and their attention to detail was remarkable.
    Ankit GusainAnkit Gusain
  • The staff at VMS Shipping showcased an impressive depth of knowledge and experience in ship management. They were well-versed in the industry's regulations, standards, and best practices. Their expertise was evident in how smoothly they managed various aspects of the ship's operations.
    Johan Rohan FernandesJohan Rohan Fernandes
  • The coaching centre boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Their in-depth knowledge of the IMU CET syllabus and their ability to simplify complex concepts greatly facilitated my understanding and preparation.
    Harsh HsHarsh Hs
  • The efficiency with which VMS Shipping managed the ship's operations was truly remarkable. From crew management to maintenance scheduling, everything seemed to run like clockwork. This level of efficiency not only ensures smooth operations but also contributes to the safety of the crew and the ship.
    Pratik PandePratik Pande
  • One of the standout features of VMS Shipping's ship management services was their commitment to transparency. They kept me well-informed about every aspect of the ship's performance, maintenance activities, and financial matters. This transparency fostered a strong sense of trust between us.
    Omkar AutadeOmkar Autade
  • It was evident that safety was a top priority for VMS Shipping. Their rigorous safety protocols and practices reassured me that my vessel and its crew were in capable hands. This dedication to safety not only minimizes risks but also gives owners like me peace of mind.
    Karan SinghKaran Singh
  • The ship management services provided by VMS Shipping were not only top-notch in terms of quality but also remarkably cost-effective. They managed to optimize various operational aspects without compromising on quality or safety, resulting in noticeable cost savings.
    Shivam ThakurShivam Thakur
  • I came across different companies, but this was a wonderful opportunity to become a seafarer. This company is giving training very fast. This will be a best choice of people who would like to become seafarer's
  • "Intrinsicly embrace top-line core competencies with real-time metrics. Conveniently reinvent functionalized collaboration"

    Pranav PokharePranav Pokhare
  • VMS Shipping provides meticulously crafted study materials that cover all topics relevant to the IMU CET. These materials are not only exhaustive but also easy to comprehend, ensuring that students like me are well-prepared for all sections of the exam.

    Pranav AnandPranav Anand
  • "What truly sets VMS Shipping apart is their interactive teaching approach. The faculty encourages active participation, doubts are welcomed, and discussions are highly encouraged. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of concepts and boosts confidence."

    Omkar YadavOmkar Yadav
  • "The professors are really good, they give personal attention to each student. Mock tests helped me see where I stand and improve on my weak areas."

    Omkar SahaneOmkar Sahane
  • "I'm super happy with my experience at VMS. Cracking the IMU-CET has never been easier."
    Tanvi UbaleTanvi Ubale
  • "Exceptional teaching and affordable tuition fee, I'd definitely recommend VMS to anyone preparing for the IMU CET"

  • "This is the place to be if you're looking for IMU-CET coaching and guidance. The staff, study material, students...everything about VMS is just amazing!"

    Manish AhlawatManish Ahlawat
  • "I' want thank the VMS faculty for having faith in me and regularly motivating me. You guys helped me achieve my dream!"

    Rajesh KondaRajesh Konda
  • "What I liked best was the study material and the regular mock tests."
    Rahul TiwariRahul Tiwari
  • "The classes helped me secure a good rank in the IMU-CET. The teachers are professional, friendly and go out of their way to help you."
    Galvin PereiraGalvin Pereira


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