What Is GME?

GME or Graduate Marine Engineering is a one-year diploma course that offers an opportunity for mechanical engineering graduates to develop their careers in the merchant navy industry. If you wish to work in the merchant navy industry, GME is the perfect course that one should pursue. Various colleges provide this program; however, their admission and monitoring process is under the Directorate General of Shipping, and they have structured the admission and eligibility criteria. Even more so, there are numerous GME course sponsorship companies as well, which are committed to providing you with the GME training course. 

After completing this program, one is eligible to start working as a junior engineer. You’ll also undergo a six months training program in merchant navy vessels. After that, you’ll appear for the Class IV part “B” examination. In this write-up, we’ll discuss in-depth the GME course, including fees, best colleges, career opportunities, reasons for pursuing the merchant navy industry, and the sponsorship exam for marine engineering. Let’s explore them together:

Why should you choose the GME course? 

GME course is designed for candidates who dream of developing a career in the merchant navy industry. This course is considered suitable if you wish to join the navy industry as an engineer officer. However, students can also avail sponsorship training programs after completion of their course from relevant courses. Furthermore, GME is the Marine system’s expanded form or course of the Mechanical Engineering course. The GME course’s subjects are almost similar to mechanical engineering, like steam turbine tests and engine analysis. These concepts are easy to grab, especially if you are a mechanical engineering graduate. In addition, golden career opportunities and decent salary packages are the top reasons to choose this course.

What is the right time to do the GME course? 

  • One can pursue this course just after the completion of graduation. 
  • A student who dreams of developing a navy and oceanography career should pursue this course.
  • A passionate, hardworking, committed individual can pursue this course and enjoy the sea and ocean world. 
  • Those who are interested in facing the challenges in life and from the Mechanical Engineering field are apt for this course. 

The course is mainly for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. After graduation, one becomes a marine engineer, marine surveyor, etc. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria of the GME Course? 

The eligibility criteria to pursue the GME courses varies from institute to institute. Various institutes have some essential eligibility criteria to get admission, which we are going to discuss below: 

  • Mandatory Qualification: A candidate pursuing the GME course should have at least a Bachelor’s degree of either BE or B.Tech either in the Naval Architecture or Mechanical Engineering with the specialization. They must have at least 60% marks in graduation. 
  • English Proficiency: An individual should be fluent in English and have one compulsory subject in the 12th standard. In addition, they should have a 50% marks score in that subject. 
  • Age Limit: An individual dreaming of developing a career in the merchant navy industry via a GME course must be more than 28 years at the time of the training program. 
  • Physical Fitness: An individual should have a clear and concise vision. In addition, they should have a sound hearing without using any hearing aids and not have color blindness. In a nutshell, individuals should undergo a medical fit exam to check whether they are physically fit. 

Furthermore, there are mainly two levels of the exam for admission to the GME 2022. Firstly one has to appear for the national level exam and then for the state level. 

Career Opportunities In the GME Courses

There are various career opportunities after completing GME training in the merchant navy industry. One can undergo the various profiles after getting trained: 

  • Fourth Engineer
  • Third Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Marine Surveyor
  • Coastal Marine Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Engineer Cadet
  • Fourth Engineer

Most importantly, the salary package is decent and keeps increasing when you get promoted to upper-level positions. Like, the starting average salary of an engineer cadet is INR 6 LPA. Moreover, if you become a fourth or second engineer, the package increases to 22 LPA. Even though there are government jobs as well, you can become 

  • Marine Surveyor
  • Marine Engineer
  • Marine Sales Manager
  • Marine Outside Sales Engineer
  • Coastal Marine engineer

Job Opportunities for GME Students in the Abroad and in India 

There are uncountable job opportunities for GME students in India and abroad. With decades-long experience, one can easily keep themselves on the rising trend. Here is the list of the companies hiring the GME graduates 

  • Bernhard Schulte Ship Management
  • DHL Express
  • Fleet Management
  • HCL
  • Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd
  • K-Line
  • Larsen and Toubro

One should target the top countries that are providing you with unbelievable job opportunities with fantastic job packages:

  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • UK
  • USA

Final Thoughts 

The above write-up has furnished you with the required information to do the GME course and develop the best career in the merchant navy industry. Suppose you have been looking for the sponsorship exam for marine engineering. In that case, you should visit the Varren Marine Shipping company that provides quality training programs to make a decent career in the merchant navy. They give you 100% placement assistance and impactable onboarding training without any waiting period. For more information, you can visit their website and explore their programs.