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How To Join Merchant Navy – Marine Engineering & Graduate Marine Engineering

The Merchant Navy industry is getting pinnacle of demand among the youth as everyone wants to be a Merchant Navy officer. This industry is associated with excellent career opportunities with a decent package at the early stage. Unlike other career industries, this won’t let you wait for months or years to make your stand in a good position even though you get an opportunity to start this career after the 12th standard. Doesn’t that sound great? If you are interested in building your career in this industry, this write-up is for you. Here we demystify everything about the Merchant Navy industry. 

To build a successful career in this industry, one has to crack the GME exam. But don’t worry; we’ll also furnish you with the  GME course online, including its eligibility, career opportunities, and different types of careers in the Merchant Navy industry. Besides, we’ll highlight the GME sponsorship programme

Let’s First Comprehend The Merchant Navy Industry 

Merchant Navy is one of the renowned industries involving all the commercial activities of the maritime or sea industry. It encompasses the activities of the sea, from shipping cargo and people to different countries through sea routes. Further, it also includes shipping tankers and cruises to other countries. There are four departments, including the deck department, electro-technical department, engineering department, and stewards department. The Merchant Navy is a far more significant field worldwide because commercial businesses are operating through the sea routes making it more remarkable. 

Various Departments of Merchant Navy 

As already discussed above, the Merchant Navy has many departments. Unlike any other industry, it doesn’t require a higher qualification; it all needs people with strong physical and mental strength. You’ll work as the officers, ratings, or engineers. But for the smooth running of ship operations, there are mainly three departments on all kinds of ships. Hence if you look forward to the Merchant Navy career, you have to choose one department out of the three mentioned above. All are the stepping stone to accomplishing a decent career in the future. 

  1. Requirements for the Engineering Department: One has to take up admission in the marine engineering course to develop a successful career in the engineering field. Being a mechanical engineer, you need to take up the course and training GME course, which is of only one year structured for Mechanical Engineering graduates. You get an internship in the engineering department. To upgrade yourself to higher positions, you get four ranking opportunities in this department.
  • Chief Engineer
  • First Assistant engineer
  • Second assistant engineer
  • Thirst assistant engineer
  •  Engine Cadet
  • Electrical officer

      2. Requirements for the deck department: To join this department, you have to accomplish the course of               nautical science that enables you to become a deck officer on the ship. 

  • Chief officer
  • 2nd officer
  • 3rd officer
  • Deck Cadet

     3.Requirements for the electro-technical officer: For this, one needs to take up the course of a pre-sea              training course on having a background in electronics, and this training is mandatory for the onboard training. 

Join VMS for the Marine Engineering and Graduate Marine Engineering 

Warren Marine Shipping company is fully approved by the DG Shipping, Mumbai, highlighting that they are recognized and renowned. They are not only specializing in offering the various courses of the Merchant Navy industry but also various services like ship management, ship maintenance & repair, port agency handling, ship brokering and chartering, etc. 

Graduate In Marine Engineering

Several institutes or shipping companies are delivering the GME course online for the graduates of Mechanical Engineering. This course aims to help them to develop their career in Engineering on the ships. If you join the Varren Marines Shipping company, you can become a Marine Engineer within one year as the course duration is one year. They also assist you with the onboarding training placement once you complete the course. The eligibility criteria to do the GME course online is that one should be below 28 years and the candidate should be physically and mentally fit. They shouldn’t have any eye issues, not even color blindness. 

Diploma In Marine Engineering 

VMS also offers the DME Diploma in Marine Engineering course, a two-year course including the pre-sea training program. The designed training course prepares the students for Marine Engineering posts. Once you complete this course, you’ll start working on the post of Marine Engineers with the National & International Merchant ships. 

To do this course, one must have 50% marks in the final year of Electrical/Electric & Electronics Engineering. Besides, you should have at least 50% marks in English at 1oth or 12th standard or any diploma exam. The age limit to do this course is 28 years. Make sure that you are physically fit and have no eyesight issues. When you commence this course, you must have a passport. The career progression in this course is really good and settles you with a good package. 

Final Thoughts

This write-up has furnished you with the Merchant Navy industry, which has many advantages. It gives you the fantastic opportunity of traveling worldwide without paying anything. Even though the income is also tax-free, resulting in maximizing the savings. Henceforth, make up your mind in choosing the career, and if you are interested in the GME sponsorship programme or GME course online, you can reach out to the VMS immediately.