January 25, 2018


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Significance of the Day of the Seafarer

Day of the Seafarer is celebrated worldwide on June 25th as a way to recognize that whatever we use in our day to day life is somewhere directly or indirectly affected by sea transportation. It was first celebrated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2010. The objective of celebrating this day is to say thank you to all seafarers for their valuable contribution in moving the world trade and also for the risk they bear while they are at sea.

According to the estimate of the International Maritime Organization, shipping industry manages around 90 percent of the world’s trade. Seafarers working on vessels are not just responsible for the ship operations but are also accountable for the safe and smooth delivery of the goods.

June 25th not just recognize the valuable contribution of seafarers, it also looks to bring the people’s attention to the concerns affecting both their work and lives such as piracy. It is a day to call governments to intervene and work on policies that lead to equal treatment of sailors at ports and ask shipping companies and ship owners to provide better amenities and comforts to their people while they are at open sea.

Since 2011, the International Maritime Organization has taken the Day of the Seafarer celebrations online in order to engage more and more people to raise their voice for the support of seafarers and say thanks to them through the social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

All member states associated with IMO are celebrating this day where they conduct events and seminars to make people aware about the role of seafarers and give them the appreciation they deserve. The day aims to see events in ports and at the seafarer’s centers. Every year IMO come up with a campaign to highlight and showcase best practices of seafarers. Today, Day of the Seafarer is quite popular around the world as many countries are acknowledging the contribution of seafarers.