December 6, 2019


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How to Clear the IMU-CET DNS 2021 in 30 days?

With the IMU-CET just a month away, many aspiring mariners ask us: Is it possible to prepare for the exam in just 30 days?

The answer: Absolutely YES!

The CET isn’t like the JEE or NEET, where you must dedicatedly study for two years to stand even a remote chance of joining your dream college.

In fact, 30 days is more than enough to clear the CET. You just need to tackle the exam the right way.

Okay, so let’s get started…

CET has 200 multiple choice questions covering Maths, Chemistry, Physics, English, GK and Aptitude. You MUST attempt all questions. There are no negative marks. You have nothing to lose. Eliminate options, take a wild guess, do whatever you can…but answer each and every question.

Read the NCERT books, and nothing else. Many students choose bigger, tougher books over NCERT. You don’t need to do this. Remember: This is CET not JEE.

Some questions are even directly picked up from the NCERT books.

Polish up your strong areas and improve on your weaknesses. On topics you’re completely clueless – just skip and move on.

Now the most important part: Solve as many sample papers as you can.

The sample papers will give you insights about the exam, and a lot more confidence when you sit for the real exam.

The CET isn’t a test of brilliance but of speed, accuracy and confidence. The best way build up on these is by practicing sample papers.

Time yourself; solve sample papers over and over again. This will give you a big edge over other students.

If you haven’t already, start reading the newspaper every single day. This serves a dual purpose: GK and English. Both carry significant weight-age in the exam, and are areas where you can really topple over your competitors.

To sum up: With 30 days of dedicated smart-work, you can easily crack the IMU-CET DNS 2021 and get admission in your dream college. Remember: Read the NCERTs, newspapers and solve sample papers. It’s really a no-brainer.