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All About GP Rating Course: Eligibility, Benefits, Scope, & Salary Details

GP or General Purpose Rating course is for candidates who want to develop their career in the merchant navy. Pre-sea training for the candidates extends to six months and prepares candidates for both departments: deck and Engine. To avail of the GP Rating sponsorship, one must complete the 10th STD exams or Senior Secondary. Depending on your preferred department, the job profile will be either Deck or Engine. The deck department encompasses Cargo Operations, Assists in Navigation, and Ship Maintenance. On the contrary, the Engine Department includes Assist in Engine Room Maintenance and General cleaning of the Engine Room. 

VMS( Varren Marines Shipping) offers residential six months of pre-sea training to the students who have completed their 10th standard. You can also apply for sponsorship for the GP Rating course with us. The in-house team of professionals knows all ins and outs of the seafaring profession ( Engine and Deck) like the back of their hands. You’ll learn all the skills, including life-saving appliances, swimming, mast & rope climbing, fire fighting exercise, etc.

Eligibility Criteria of the GP Rating Course 

  • One should have at least 40% marks in Science, Math, and English in the 10th and 12th standards from a well-recognized board. 
  • A candidate should score at least 40% marks regardless of any stream. Besides, they should also score at least 40% in the English subject in the 10th or 12sth standard. 
  • One should have completed the two years of IT course in one of the following mentioned Mechanic, Welder, Turner, and Fitter. Additionally, the course should be from the recognized Government approved institute. one should score a minimum of 40% aggregate marks in the finals & minimum of 40% in the English subject of the 10th/12th class. 

Various institutes have offered GP Rating sponsorship in the courses like VMS. You can apply for the sonship test, ensuring you have fewer fees. 

Scope & Salary Structure of the GP Rating Course

Once you complete the six months of pre-sea training, you’ll work as a Deck or Engine on the ship. After completing the thirty-six months in this industry, one must crack the Second Mate Examination that promotes you to the officer level. After that, more exams give you constant promotions with a good hike. The salary of freshers depends on their skills and knowledge. Generally, it ranges from $1500 to $3000 per month and may fluctuate depending on the interview. You may pitch the higher package as a fresher if you are well equipped with practical knowledge. Many students seek professional courses that ensure job placement.

 In our opinion, it’s a professional and job-oriented course for the students who pass the 10th or 12th class. Further, one can quickly settle to a higher position by clearing the exams and looking for sponsorship for the GP Rating course? Contact VMS today!!

Age Limit

Age is considered one of the most crucial aspects of the admission process for the GP Rating course. So, the age should be between 18-25 years when you commence the course. Further, if you are planning to do the diploma, the age limit is 27 years, and the age limit for the SC/ST categories is 30. 

Physical & Medical Requirements

A candidate should be physically, mentally, and medically fit to do the merchant navy course. Most noteworthy, the eyesight should be perfect, like 6/6 in both eyes ( unaided vision). If you are experiencing color blindness issues, you can do this course. 

Why Should You Develop a Career in the Merchant Navy?

The major benefit of building up a career in the Merchant Navy is that you get opportunities to travel across the world without paying anything. Doesn’t that sound great? Let’s light on its benefits:

  • Highest Lucrative Job Package: There are various kinds of jobs in the market, but none offer lucrative offers to the freshers, unlike the Merchant Navy industry. Yes, being a fresher, you can get $1500 to $3000 monthly and even more when you rise to a higher position. 
  • Stimulates Professionalism: People already working in the Merchant Navy have effective and influencing communication skills. Besides, they are well-disciplined and adaptive. Further, they also know how to work in a team effectively. 
  • Financial Independence At Early Stage: This course lets you commence your studies right after the 12th standard. This way, you become financially abundant at an early age, unlike in other courses. Applying for the GP Rating sponsorship will also help you pay fewer fees and various other benefits. 
  • Long Vacations: Merchant Navy courses require dedication and extended work periods from the professionals. That is why they also get an extended vacation of 4-5 months after completing a 6-8 months contract. 
  • NRI Status: If a sailor continues to work for more than 182 days in the sea, they get the NRI status from the Government of India. As a result, your income gets a break from the tax and financial perks. 
  • No Formalities of Higher Degree: Anyone after the completion of the 12th standard can join this course without any requirement of fancy degrees. You don’t need to do any graduation and post-graduation further to do this course. This course is quite practical when you can’t pursue higher education for various reasons. Though, various institutes are providing sponsorship for the GP Rating course to give you several lucrative opportunities. 

Key Takeaway

Are you planning to build up your career in the Merchant Navy industry? Then, you have stumbled onto the right page. Taking up the GP Rating course will give you golden career opportunities and enable you to settle down with a decent package. So, getting the dream package in the Merchant Navy is just one call away. You can join the VMS approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, and Government of India. We conduct this course twice a year in January and July month. To know more about the course details and GP Rating sponsorship, feel free to contact us right away!!