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Scope of Diploma in Nautical Science

Do you have a dream to develop a career in the Merchant Navy industry? Do you want to sail worldwide on a cruise ship without bearing its expenses? If the answer is yes to the two questions mentioned above, choosing the Diploma in Nautical Science is the right choice. One can join this course after completing the 12th standard to become a Deck Officer. A deck officer manages the entire ship and its navigation maintenance. Besides, they’ll oversee the cargo management. 

Several institutes assist you in imparting the education to work in this field. You can apply for the DNS course sponsorship, which reduces the fees to a greater extent. This career opens up the door for various golden opportunities. Further, it also gives you the security and comfort zone not available in civilian life. 

This write-up handholds comprehensive information about the sponsorship DNS course, including career opportunities, salary, eligibility, etc. Let’s get started with this blog: 

Diploma In Nautical Science: What Is the Course All about? 

A diploma in Nautical Science is a full-time one-year professional or job-oriented course that emphasizes providing all ins and outs of the marine industry. You’ll also get opportunities to acquire practical communication skills and safety and prevention strategies to protect the entire crew in emergencies. 

There are various subjects in this course Navigation Chart Work, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Science, Marine Electrical and Electronics, etc. They equip you with practical technical knowledge and give you a close view of the vessels and naval ships. In simple terms, their primary purpose is to prepare the students professionally for the position of Deck Officers. Some institutions and colleges offer DNS course sponsorship and placement assistance in reputed companies. Research the sponsorship Diploma in Nautical Science and select the best college or institute to study further.

Career Opportunities In The Nautical Science 

After completing the Nautical Science course from the renowned institute providing placement assistance, you can quickly get employees at various organizations. Various multinational shipping companies and government agencies have actively sought dedicated Deck officers to work in the Merchant Navy.  

Most noteworthy, a well-experienced and skilled officer can quickly earn the 1lakh-2 lakh monthly in the Merchant Navy industry. Further, the salary varies from candidate to candidate depending on the skills, company, rank, and location. What more could you ask for? It’s high time to browse the Internet and search for the sponsorship DNS course.

Eligibility Criteria For The Sponsorship DNS Course

Here we furnish you with the eligibility criteria for admission to the Nautical Science Diploma program. 

  • A candidate should have passed the 12th class with good marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. However, Computer science can be optional and ensure that English should also be your subject. 
  • A candidate must pass the 12th standard score of 60% in aggregate; for the SC/ST/OBC, the percentage should be 40%. 

There are two ways to get admission in the Diploma Nautical Science. The first one is merit-based, and the second is entrance based. We’ll discuss both thoroughly below:

  1. Admission Based On The Entrance Exam: 

  • A candidate needs to register on their official website to get themselves registered. 
  • Next, one must put down all the mandatory details in the available form. 
  • Uploading all the required documents, including birth certificate, passport size photograph, and mark sheets. 
  • Submit the fee amount to accomplish the registration process for the entrance examination of the Nautical Science. 
  • The conducting authorities will release the admit card before releasing the examination dates.
  • After announcing the results, colleges will also release the cut-off list for admission. 
  • Now, browse the college’s websites and apply there to get admission to the Diploma in Nautical Science.
  • If you are selected for any college, they’ll have a telephonic conversation with you for the counselling and interview process, which is the final stage of selection. 
  • At last, if you get selected, submit the mandatory documents and fees to secure the seat for the Diploma in Nautical Science program.

Ensure that you also check the DNS course sponsorship.

  1. Admission Based On Merit: 

  • The Diploma in Nautical Science admission process is available online and offline; however, browse the college’s official website and check out the admission process. 
  • One needs to create an application ID to put down the details in the application, which is part of the admission process. 
  • Next, upload the required documents like passport size photographs, birth certificate, and the mark sheet. 
  • Submit the application fees, thereby completing the registration procedure. 
  • At last, colleges will release the merit list and check if your name is on that list. If yes, you’ll have to book a seat in that college by paying the fee. To get DNS course sponsorship, connect with Varren Marines Shipping.


How do you get admission to the best-reputed college?

A reputed college always conducts its entrance exam to gauge the candidate’s skills and abilities. But how to get selected for those colleges is the major question? Isn’t it so? The best way to prepare for the entrance exam is to get insights into the syllabus. Generally, you’ll see questions from Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, etc. But some essential questions will test your knowledge of the 6th to 10th standard. Based on the exam score, they’ll shortlist the candidates and then further conduct the following interview rounds. Therefore, you can analyze the college’s previous year’s entrance exam to get an idea of their exam structure. 


Final Thoughts

To summarize this blog, we can conclude that the sponsorship DNS course is considered a good option where you can grow yourself with multiple promotions even though the package is also decent. Now, all you have to do is connect with an institute that can assist you in preparing for the entrance exam. You can also connect with Varren Marines Shipping offering a 100% sponsorship DNS course with placement assistance.